Service Program


One of the services C.F. Lighting Supplies Inc. offers is a maintenance program that will not only save you money but guarantee to keep the quality of your retrofit at it's highest.

C.f. Lighting contracts Bryden's Electric, an Electrical company with more than 45 years of experience. Bryden's has their own insured electricians and licensed electrical contractors. There by guaranteeing the quality of and completeness of all their work. All electricians has been trained to work unobtrusively if work must be done during business hours.

Bryden's Electric will visit your facility on a month to month schedule to check your electrical panel, replace any ballasts and tubes inside. Bad cords and ends on all of your inside electrical equipment. Then it's on to the outside of our facility. Including parking lot lighting and any road sign you might have.

All product will be on our trucks. Eliminating needless cost of travel time saving you money, only the product used will be charged to you. You will no longer need to buy cases of products and store them. Saving you money and storage space. Once again this guarantees to keep the quality of your retrofit at it's highest, saving you the most money possible on your energy!


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