Lighting Design

Green Lights Lighting Upgrade sample:


Approximately 432 fixtures involved in the retrofit


Electronic Ballast and T-8 lamps for 290 fixtures

L.E.D. Exit Retrofits for Exit sign  61 kits 

Incandescent Retrofit to Compact   53

Energy Efficient Incandescent Retrofits  28


Job Cost

Material Cost:                                                     $14,967.56

Tax:                                                                         $894.84  

Labor:						$8,178.00	
Total cost:				           $23,986.84
Annual Savings:				$7,697.56			
5 year Energy Savings:  			           $38,487.80		
5 year Net Energy Savings:                                 $14,500.96	
Monthly Savings:                                                      $809.00		
Return on Investment:				          97%		

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